Aspire to Greatness

ASPIRE ….. such a magnificent word!

It conjures visions of climbing, of reaching upward, of grasping hold of something we intuitively know is within our reach.

So let me ask, “What is your aim in life? What are you aspiring to? What would you really like to achieve?”

Perhaps it’s an inner realisation to experience peace of mind, or a feeling of fulfilment by following your bliss. Maybe it’s an external endeavour for lasting good health, financial security, the right relationship, or the perfect career. Whatever it is, there is a way to succeed.

In reality, we’re all aspiring to create and enjoy the greatness we instinctively know is ours to experience. But dreams, hopes, aspirations remain just that ….. something longed for until we start moving along the path toward our goal.

The Path to Successful Living.

We all at times face challenges in one or more of the four corners of our lives (health, wealth, relationships, work). Learning how to overcome such challenges to enjoy a happier and more successful life is our goal.

The natural question is “How?” 

How do we achieve a greater level of success in our finances, relationships and work? How do we recognise and follow our dream, live our bliss and, in the process, learn how to become happy, secure and successful in every area of our lives? 

In reality, we can never be healthier or more successful or prosperous than what we feel inside. We may not realise it but what we’re really looking for is inner peace. And when we have inner peace it expresses itself in our lives as improved health, financial security, the right relationship, and fulfilling work. 

Instead of trying to ‘get’ things to make us happy, we need to turn it around and aspire to ‘be’ so that we ‘have’. It’s first attaining that feeling of elation we’d experience when a desire has already been achieved because our feelings always attract their equivalent back to us. 

We may think that things and people contribute to our happiness and success but is it permanent? Wouldn’t it be better to have LASTING SUCCESS in each of the four corners of life? 

That’s where I can help through personally-designed mentoring, support and life coaching activities. Let’s discover how. Which of the four corners of life would you like help in right now? 

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Dr. Neil A. Mence