Mentoring & Support


If we experience a job loss, financial crisis, a bereavement, or relationship or health challenge, we may require non-judgemental and compassionate support. Those in such situations frequently look for someone with whom they can share their fears and worries, analyse why things happen, discuss options, and grow their confidence.

The purpose of Successful Living Support is to help you focus on your self-worth, become empowered and experience a growing sense of confidence and certainty.

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly support is available through this program. Successful Living Support sessions are of 60-90 minutes duration. 

Discounts available for multiple sessions.


There are some, however, facing extremely difficult and important life, relationship or career decisions. In such cases there is frequently a need for a more complete and on-going mentoring approach. Consider these two Successful Living Mentoring and Life-Coaching opportunities.


With Successful Living Personal Mentoring you’ll be certain that all interactions are strictly one-on-one. You’ll achieve a very high level of personal mentoring support with an in-depth assessment to define your life’s purpose, goals and desires. 

Each month, Successful Living Personal Mentoring provides you with:

  • A personal 90-minute counselling session.
  • A follow-up 60-minute Q&A session.
  • One 60-minute on-line or telephone Successful Living Mentoring session.
  • Priority email, text and telephone support.

FEES: from £695 per month.



Life-coaching is a personal, unique and very exciting process to help you get from where you currently are in life, to that point where you’re always expressing your true potential. It’s all about achieving a greater realisation of who you really are and harnessing the potential within. 

The Successful Living Life-Coaching Experience is a solutions management technique to success both personally and professionally. It synthesises philosophy, spirituality and psychology and all it takes is a willingness for you to say “Yes” to positive change and a commitment to grow and succeed.

Through the Successful Living Life-Coaching Experience you’ll learn how to achieve improvements in finances, work, health and relationships. But, more importantly, you’ll discover a new YOU with a greater peace of mind and a deeper sense of accomplishment and success.

Successful Living Life-Coaching can take place on-line from anywhere in the world and you’ll receive a priority level of personal support through on-going personal meetings (where possible), skype, zoom, telephone, email and/or telephone communication.

The Ultimate Successful Living Life-Coaching Experience includes a one-on-one meeting to more clearly define strengths, goals and aspirations. Life objectives are clarified and a personal masterplan for successful living developed. Each of the four corners of life (health, wealth, relationships and expression) are explored and individualised life-coaching applications adopted.

The Ultimate Successful Living Life-Coaching Experience includes:

  • An initial 60-minute consultation to discuss objectives, schedule and fees.
  • A 2-hour one-on-one counselling and Q&A session.
  • A one-on-one get-together (if possible) to develop and outline your personal masterplan for Successful Living Life-Coaching.
  • A second get-together period to fine-tune and launch your personalised masterplan for Successful Living Life-Coaching.
  • Two 60-minute one-on-one Skype or telephone Successful Living Life-Coaching Mentoring/Support sessions.
  • Priority communication support.

    FEES: from £1895.