Successful Living Mentoring Support & Life-Coaching


What are your aspirations? 

Do you have an unfulfilled dream or feel stuck in any area of life?  And importantly, how is your health and bank balance? Is it time to turn things around?

Successful Living Mentoring & Life-Coaching is a uniquely focussed, comprehensive and personalised approach to helping you define your life’s purpose and to follow your bliss. 

  • It’s a synthesis of philosophy and spirituality based on the time-honoured wholeness paradigm of mind-body-spirit and benefits everyone who’s open and willing to make positive changes in their life. 
  • It helps identify what’s been holding you back and, once that barrier has been broken, we can start creating your own unique blueprint for successful living through self-mastery.
  • It means working with someone you can trust; someone who will listen.

With a doctorate in spiritual philosophy and as a qualified counsellor, I’ll work with you step-by step to help you achieve a happier, less stressful and more focussed life. 

We’ll establish meaningful goals and develop an action plan for a more successful life. And since each person’s challenges are unique, Successful Living Mentoring & Life-Coaching sessions are personalised to meet your specific requirements.

Three types of Successful Living Mentoring & Life-Coaching one-on-one personal development options are available:




If we experience a job loss, financial crisis, a bereavement, or relationship or health challenge, we may require non-judgemental and compassionate support. MORE

With Successful Living Personal Mentoring you’ll be certain that all interactions are strictly one-on-one. You’ll achieve a very high level of personal mentoring support with an in-depth assessment to define your life’s purpose, goals and desires. MORE

Life-coaching is a personal, unique and very exciting process to help you get from where you currently are in life, to that point where you’re always expressing your true potential. MORE